Qualified Water Damage

Water Damage Restoration

Water damage needs to be taken care of right away. Whether it was caused by burst pipes, leaking roof, water overflows from the toilet, sink or washing machine, this is a situation that requires immediate attention.

Immediate attention will prevent long term damage to your Adelaide property from water damage. You can save your flooring, walls and ceilings from water damage if you act quickly. Don’t wait for bacteria, mildew and mould to show up, the time to act is now!

We’re available 24 hours for water damage restoration in Adelaide

Wet carpets will not recover if you let them dry by themselves. Magic Steam Dry Cleaning is certified to complete water damage restoration in Adelaide. Save yourself the future time and heartache and have your water damage dealt with by a qualified professional.

The damage starts to form at the bottom of the carpet where you can’t see it. This becomes a breeding ground for bacteria, mould and other nasties which leads to off putting odours and carpet degradation.

Magic Steam Dry Cleaning – Adelaide’s best carpet flood cleaning and carpet water damage repair professionals.


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We Will…

Inspect water damaged areas
Relocate undamaged furniture
Dispose of completely damaged items
Restore using advanced hot water extraction technology

And Also…

Prevent mould using a range of sprays and equipment
Use temporary ventilation to restore area quickly
Dehumidify the area to eliminate excess moisture
We’re available 24 hours for water damage restoration
Qualified Water Damage


Magic Steam Dry Cleaning have completed accreditation courses to professionally deal with water damage restoration, flood damage restoration and carpet damage. Our specialist equipment is state of the art and industry leading in the realm of flood water extraction. It is important to note that for flood restoration and water damage carpet cleaning is a special skill set is required which an be obtained by completing an accreditation course from the IIRC. Always ask your water damage specialist if they have this accreditation and special hot water extraction & dehumidifying equipment to ensure  your job gets done properly with no future problems to your carpet, home or property.