Upholstery Cleaning

Sofas, couches, arm chairs, car upholstery, leather and more

Adelaide’s leading upholstery cleaners have the industry leading equipment and relevant skills, experience and qualifications to bring your upholstery back to life. Cleaning all types of upholstery fabric we also have the specialist skills and equipment to clean leather couches and sofas.

We also have special equipment to deal with water damage restoration.
You can expect the highest quality upholstery cleaning products & processes.

Ask about our Magic fibre scotch Guard protection it will protect against stains and soiling and prolong the life of your valuable investments


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We Inspect
The Fabric

Why? Because we’re professionals. Different fabrics need different magically attention to be brought back to their former glory. Magic Steam Dry Cleaning needs to properly identify your upholstery to ensure a we use the best quality products to give you a magical clean.
We dry vacuum.Our powerful vacuum and specialised upholstery attachments prepare your upholstery for magic.

We Clean


When cleaning furniture or car upholstery, Magic Steam Dry Cleaning uses only the highest quality range of products including detergents and pre sprays to help penetrate for better extraction.


We Finish

Magic Steam
Upholstery Cleaning

Our industry leading powerful equipment uses hot water extraction to remove all the cleaning agents, dirt grease and grime to clean your upholstery, just like magic!
To arrange Magic Upholstery Cleaning in Adelaide or any surrounding suburbs, call us today!