Tile & Grout Cleaning

Tiles look fantastic when they’re brand new, but over time, mops and sponges fall short of giving them a truly sparking clean. You might even think your grout looks clean, but are you sure it was the same colour when it was brand new? Or has dirt and grime tainted it’s colour over time…..

Grout easily absorbs soil, dirt and dust among other substances and is nearly impossible to remove without the appropriate equipment. Magic Steam Dry Cleaning is your specialist for tile and grout cleaning in Adelaide. We clean tiles. We clean grout. Remove the dirt. Get it out! Get Ready For a Magic Clean!

Our state of the art tile cleaning equipment will leave your tile sparkling new. We are the grout cleaning specialists. Whether it’s a maintenance, restoration, or end of lease clean, we blast bacteria, mould, mildew and fungus away and make it disappear. Just like magic!

Our Adelaide customers are always impressed with our work and our ability to rejuvenate to sparking new conditions. Our tile and grout cleaning service can look after your kitchen and bathroom tiles, shower, patio, driveway, commercial tiles and more!

We can clean all types of tile and grout hard floors in Adelaide such as granite, marble, slate, limestone, ceramic, terrazzo, terracotta, concrete and many more!

Ask about our Magic tile and grout sealer it will reduce soiling & protect your valuable investments.

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Floor Identification

Tiles and hard floors all require a different cleaning procedure for the most superior clean. Rather than use a once size fits all approach, we tailor our top of the range products and methods to ensure we properly clean your tile and grout and restore it to its former glory.

We Clean

Magic Solution

We use only top of the range magic cleaning solutions to clean your tile, grout and hard floors. These are all eco friendly. Our magic solution penetrates your tile and grout bringing dirt and grime to the surface.


We Finish

Scrub & Extraction

We do the hard work for you and loosen the dirt and grime before unleashing the power of our magic suction equipment to extract the embedded dirt, grime and bacteria.
Keeping your floors maintained regularly will improve the air quality, lower the risk of falls and slips and will lengthen the life of the floor and its appearance.