Carpet Cleaning

New carpets look and feel plush. Over time they start to absorb dirt, bacteria, food crumbs, and a combination of other undesirable substances. For some people this can cause allergies, asthma and other health conditions. This also leads to damaged fibres in the carpet causing it to fade in colour and feel and smell less fresh.

Magic Steam Dry Cleaning provides a top tier service and has invested in powerful truck mounted equipment to provide you with a superior clean and bring your carpets back to life.

Our Magic Steam Dry Cleaner heats water to a high temperature to kill bacteria and any nasties in your carpet. We then break down and suck up oil, grease and other embedded stains leaving you with a plush looking surface.

Only powerful truck mounted equipment has the powerful suction capacity to lift all the dirt and grime deeply embedded in your carpet and bring it back to life!

We have specialist equipment to deal with flood damage and water damaged wet carpet.

Magic Steam Dry Cleaning don’t arrive at your door with a $500 machine and give your carpets a “special” vacuum….Here’s how me perform magic on your carpets

Ask about our Magic fibre scotch Guard protection it will protect against stains and soiling and prolong the life of your valuable investments


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We Inspect
& Dry Vacuum

Why? Because we’re professionals. It’s important for us to know what kind of carpet fibre we are cleaning, so we can provide you with a superior clean. We also hunt and examine any stains and odours to make sure we use the appropriate magic products to make them disappear!

We dry vacuum your carpet. Removing dirt, dust and particle soil from the surface of the carpet will ensure we provide you with the most superior clean possible. Although your carpet will look fantastic if we don’t do this, we don’t cut corners; we take the time to deliver the best results.

We Clean

Magic Hot
Water Extraction

Steaming hot water and rinsing agents are injected under high pressure and extracted using our powerful truck mounted equipment.

Only the use of powerful truck mounted equipment can penetrate the carpet fibres fully to give your carpets a true deep clean. Our process removes more dust, grease stains and bacteria from your carpets.

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We Finish

We Groom
& Deodorise Your Carpet

Depending on the type of carpet fibre we identified during the initial inspection, we’ll groom your carpet now that it’s clean to give it a plush new like appearance.

Free Deodorisation

Now that your carpet looks and feels fantastic, it should smell fantastic too. That’s why Magic Steam Dry Cleaning includes free deodorisation with every single clean!!